The new context and its impact on the insurance industry:

What are the challenges and opportunities for the Arab insurance market?

TOPIC I : The health crisis and its effects on the global insurance market

  • Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the global and Arab insurance industry.
  • Challenges and opportunities for the Arab insurance market.

TOPIC II : Protection GAP

  • Public / private partnerships to reduce the protection gap.
  • Cat Modeling: major instrument for reducing vulnerability to natural events.
General Assembly of the GAIF

TOPIC III : Technical changes and insurance organization

  • The challenges of regulation in light of digital transformations
  • IFRS 17: What impacts on the insurance industry?

TOPIC IV : Emerging risks and insurance products

  • Cyber Risk / Climate Change / Pandemics.
  • Towards a new risk mapping for insurers.
New meeting of the GAIF Board of Directors.
Resolutions and recommendations of the General Assembly of the GAIF