Oran is the second largest city in Algeria and one of the most important cities in the Maghreb, located in northwest Algeria, 430 km from the capital. It is bounded on the north by an open bay and on the west by Mount “Marjago” (which rises 580 m).

The city cluster is located on the banks of “Wadi Al-Rahi”, which extends from one side and from the other side we find a trench that is currently covered.

Whether you are traveling or passing through،, you will discover certain charms and blends of Arab, Berber, Roman, Turkish, Spanish and French cultures.

Those who come to the city are advised to tour at night on the waterfront that gives a magnificent view of the Mediterranean, Mount “Morgajo”, the fort and the church of “Santa Cruz”.

The history of Oran:

The city of Oran has a long history through the ages, being founded in 902 by Andalusian sailors, and many civilizations have succeeded in it, including the Arabs and the Barbary civilizations. It was conquered by the Spanish in 1509 and in 1792 the Ottoman Bay Muhammad the Great took power in the city, making it the seat of Baylak.

A lot of interpretations of the word “oran” are the dual forms of the Arabic word “Whr”, which means the Lion.

The story says that this name was giving to the city after the Atlas lions that lived in the area where the last lions were hunted for this Mediterranean coast of the mountain next to Oran called “Black Mountain” and after the last two lions that were hunted. As the two lions became symbols of the city, two large bronze statues of the two lions were erected in front of the town hall, which symbolize its name.

Economically, Oran remains the economic capital of the west of the country and the main financial, commercial and industrial center of the region. 

Cultures and traditions:

From antiquity, the city has been praising the interest and ambitions of different civilizations, overturning its rule among many ruling dynasties of Berber, Roman, Arabic, Spanish, Turkish and French, and each of them has made its imprint to adorn the city with its heritage and cultural mosaics to give it an important and unique character and charm.

Oran is a crossroads of different cultures; It is particularly famous for “Rai”, a popular music genre in Algeria.

Oran cooking encompasses all varieties prevalent in the Mediterranean, North Africa and especially southern Spain, with some Moroccan and French recipes in particular.

All varieties of Oran cooking, such as “Herira”, “Tadjin el hlou”, and “Barkokes”, will appeal to you, as well as typical Spanish dishes, have been integrated with Oran cooking specializations such as “paella” and “Caldero “.

In the case of “Carantika”, it is the undisputed queen of the Oranian cuisine; this fast dish invented at Fort Santa Cruz can be tasted in every corner of the city. Oran is also famous for its “Mona”, a small dome-shaped cake, and “Kreponne”, a traditional Algerian ice cream made by lemon, which was invented in Oran.