Chakib Abouzaid

Secretary General

Message of the Secretary General

The coming General Arab Insurance Federation 33rd Conference will be held in very special circumstances. Our conference has to adapt to the “new normal” and make an opportunity to discuss the impact on the Arab insurance industry. More importantly, what are the lessons we have learned? And how to build capacity and come out more resilient?

Hence the theme of the Conference:

“The new situation and its impact on the insurance industry: What are the challenges and opportunities for the Arab insurance market?”

Much has been written on this subject in general, but there was no study or event in the Arab world that has addressed the issue from an insurance perspective.

What is the “new normal” which requires us to brainstorm about?

  1. The crisis has proven beyond any doubt the resilience of the Arab insurance industry.
  2. The necessity to set up the Financial Inclusion as one of our industry objectives;
  3. The crisis has proven that Business and distribution models are no longer fully appropriate to consumer’s expectations in the era of globalization and digitalization;
  4. The crisis has proven that Health sector situation requires an upgrading to be able to face any future pandemic.
  5. The crisis imposed the necessity of Public- Private Partnership (insurance companies).
  6. The crisis proved the necessity for the insurance industry to be prepared for the emerging risks.

To be in line with these developments, at the global or Arab levels, and the challenges imposed by the new situation, the General Secretariat has the honor to invite you to attend the 33rd Conference of the Arab General Insurance Federation, which will be held in Algeria from June 05th to 10th, 2022. 

Pleased also to announce that the hosting country and the Algerian Insurance Companies Union (UAR) will do their maximum best to make this Conference successful and an opportunity for the attendees to hold the maximum business meetings.

The choice of Oran city is was made because this beautiful Mediterranean city offers its scenery and beaches and rich cultural and civilizational heritage. Oran has also a very large modern Conferences center, providing all facilities, surrounded by number of five- and four-stars hotels.

We count on your attendance in view of the specificity of the economic circumstances and the challenges facing the Arab insurance industry; and on your support to this event, which we want to make as a milestone for the Arab Insurance History.

Chakib Abouzaid

Secretary General