About the GAIF

Created in the Egyptian capital Cairo in September 1964, at the request of many Arab countries, the Arab General Insurance Union –GAIF– is an international organization whose main objective is to consolidate the links and relations between the markets and insurance organizations, to strengthen their cooperation and coordinate their activities in order to protect the interests of its members and develop the Arab insurance sector.

Since its creation, the GAIF has greatly contributed to the development of insurance and relations between the Arab insurance markets, in particular through:

  • The implementation of the Orange Card (inter-Arab automobile insurance)
  • The creation of insurance and reinsurance pools between member companies;
  • The creation of the reinsurance company Arab Re;
  • The publication of a specialist journal dealing with insurance topics;
  • The publication of books dealing with the fields of insurance;
  • The creation of the Arab Insurance Institute.
  • A weekly bulletin in which all insurance news in the world are published,
  • Distribution of a specialized magazine in which insurance market reports are published,
  • Launching and managing the orange card electronically,
  • Establishing reinsurance Pools,
  • Contributing to the establishment of the Arab Reinsurance Company,
  • Publishing “Arab Insurance” magazine every three months,
  • Organizing presence and virtual seminars on strategic topics related to the insurance industry, including:
    • First Virtual Seminar: Innovation in Social Protection in Response to COVID-19 in the Middle East and North Africa Region “Building Best Practices” (09/07/2020).
    • Second Virtual Seminar: Implications of the Beirut Port Explosion on the Insurance Industry, (30/09/2020).
    • Third Virtual Seminar: Reinsurance in the Arab Region: Current Competition and Prospects for Renewal 2021, (27/10/2020).
    • Fourth Virtual Seminar: The Role of Intermediaries in the Development of Insurance Markets, (15/12/2020).
    • Fifth Virtual Seminar: The General Arab Insurance Situation: Geopolitical Problems and Prospects for Development, (10/02/2021).
    • Sixth Virtual Seminar: Natural and Man-made Disasters: How can we Overcome Current Challenges and take advance of future opportunities, (24/03/2021).
    • Seventh Virtual Seminar: Takaful and Re-Takaful in the Arab Markets “Development and Challenges”, (07/07/2021).
    • Eighth Virtual Seminar: Reinsurance in the Arab Region “Current Competition and Renewals 2022”, (28/10/2021).
    • Ninth Virtual Seminar: The Need for Natural Disaster Models and How to Close the Insurance Gap, (01-12-2021).
  •  Publishing or assisting in publishing books dealing with the fields of insurance,
  • Contributing to the establishment of the Arab Insurance Institute in Damascus.

Structurally, the GAIF consists of:

  • A General Assembly which brings together all the adherent members who reached 331 to date. The General Assembly, which holds all the powers to achieve the objectives of the Union, meets once every two (02) years in one of the Arab member countries.
  • A council composed of a representative of the insurance markets of each member country. It is responsible for the execution of the decisions of the General Assembly and supervises the activities of the General Secretariat.
  • An Executive Committee which is the body responsible, in particular, for the management of the members of the organization (memberships, contributions, etc.), for the preparation of budgets, regulations and the supervision of Technical Commissions.
  • A General Secretariat which constitutes the executive body of the Union. It is responsible for the implementation of the resolutions and decisions taken by the other organs of the GAIF. It is also responsible for the finances of the Union.
  • Technical Commissions whose missions are to develop and submit proposals to the Executive Committee with a view to improving the sectors or branches for which they are responsible (Automotive Commission and Arab Unified Offices, Non-Marine Commission, Marine and Aviation Commission, Life and Takaful Commission, Health Commission, etc.).
  • As indicated above, the GAIF organizes every two (02) years, in one of the Arab countries, its Congress which constitutes one of the most important spaces for meetings and professional business relations in insurance and reinsurance.

    Conferences moderated by speakers with proven skills, dealing with topical subjects of interest to the Arab insurance and reinsurance markets, are scheduled during these Congresses. It is also on this occasion that the regular meetings of the GAIF bodies are held (Council and Executive Committee, Technical Commissions, General Assembly).