About the event

After the High Authorities of the country agreement and recommendation of the Council of the General Arab Insurance Federation, Algeria will host the 33rd GAIF Conference from June 05th to 08th, 2022. The choice of Algeria was made by resolution of the General Assembly of the Union, meeting in plenary on June 27th, 2018 in Hammamet, Tunisia.

The organization of this event is entrusted to the Algerian Union of Insurance and Reinsurance Companies – UAR – in collaboration with the GAIF. The Oran Conventions Center – CCO – is chosen to host this important meeting.

The Conference, originally scheduled between October 11th and 14th  2020, has been postponed to two (02) times due to the health situation imposed by the COVID-19- pandemic, for the first time, for the period of October 10th to 13th, 2021 then one second for the above period.

The event brings together professionals from the insurance and reinsurance industry from Arab countries and, from the international market to offers, them an opportunity to discuss topics related to the new situation and its impact on the insurance industry.

The main objective of holding this event is to consolidate the links between the Arab insurance markets and the relations between the regulatory and supervisory bodies of insurance. It is also about strengthening cooperation, coordinating activities aimed at protecting the interests of members of the Union and developing the Arab insurance sector.

The theme for this 33rd Conference is: “The new context and its impact on the insurance industry: Which challenges and opportunities for the Arab insurance market?” which will consist of four sessions as follows:

  • The health crisis and its effects on the global insurance market ;
  • GAP Insurance ;
  • Technical changes and insurance organization ;
  • Emerging risks and insurance products.

In addition to the topics discussed, several topics related to the challenges facing the insurance and reinsurance industry in the Arab countries in recent years will be addressed.